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We are dedicated to promoting environments free of mask mandates, social distancing restrictions, over-sanitization and vaccine mandates for kids. We believe that kids should be let off the hook. It is time that we Demand The Data. It is time to Take A Stand 4 our Kids!

We believe in the power of the written word. We hope that providing editable letter templates and addresses of interest, you will support our movement by sending paper letters to those in the power to make change. Snail-mail letters will be more likely to be read. Use the letters submitted by our supporters as inspiration. Feel free to copy and paste. We encourage you to personalize your letter and to hand write it. Remember to send an email as well. Let's flood their offices with letters.

Letters By Kids

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Join our team on the first Sunday of the month at 8pm to write letters, connect, inspire and work towards restoring sanity in our world for our children's sake. Sign up for our mailing list to receive the monthly Zoom link.

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Guest Speaker TBA. - Join us November 7th.

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Support the Constitutional Rights Centre's application to end the school lockdowns. Learn more about their application and support the movement by clicking here.