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Encourage Your Children To Write

The experiences of our children are what matter most. Encourage your own children to share their thoughts and feelings about this experience.


We have seen the harm caused to our children and youth. We will no longer be silent. We are fierce protectors of our most vulnerable and their future. We must be provided with strong evidence, namely peer reviewed data, #demandthedata, to support any COVID-19 measure for the upcoming academic year. Specifically, we request the data that unequivocally demonstrates:

1. The effectiveness of masking children and youth in schools. The evidence should include for comparison countries that didn’t impose masking. The evidence should also include a risk-benefit analysis and specifically show that masking doesn’t negatively impact mental health.

2. The effectiveness of imposing social distancing children and youth in schools. The evidence should include for comparison countries that didn’t impose social distancing. The evidence should also include a risk-benefit analysis and specifically show that social distancing doesn’t negatively impact mental health.

3. The effectiveness of the excessive use of hand sanitizers. The evidence should include for comparison countries that didn’t impose the excessive use of hand sanitizers. The evidence should also include a risk-benefit analysis and specifically show that social distancing doesn’t impact negatively mental and physical health.

4. The rationale for vaccinating children and youth with an experimental vaccine that is only approved under an Interim Order. The current available data shows that they aren’t generally at risk for poor outcomes, or death. Children also aren’t generally responsible for outbreaks in school. The evidence should include historical vaccination initiatives where an experimental vaccine was required to attend school. The historical evidence should include a risk-benefit analysis and specifically show that these historical initiatives didn’t negatively impact mental and physical health.

5. The direct impact on hospitalizations and death as a result of transmission in schools.

6. The risk-benefit analysis of online learning. Evidence should show that online learning didn’t negatively impact children and youth’s mental health. Analysis also should show that it didn’t negatively impact the overall quality of education and children and youth’s capacity to learn, as we as to apply and retain information.

7. The risk-benefit analysis of the isolation of children and youth as result of school closures, whether due to the switch to online learning, or the temporary closures. Evidence should show that this isolation didn’t impact children and youth’s physical and mental health.

8. The risk-benefit analysis of all new measures imposed on children and youth in schools since the beginning pandemic. Evidence should show that all combined measures didn’t negatively impact physical and mental health. Such analysis should also include projected impact on future earnings of children and youth.

9. In light of the recent announcement on July 27, 2021, (and in anticipation of the unreleased final plan) by Dr. Kieran Moore, provide the research that justifies the rationale for the outbreak management plan for the new school year which will apply a separate set of rules based on vaccination status. Additionally, provide, on a rolling basis, the research for any new policy that will see students treated differently based on vaccination status.

Ask Questions

Demand that your letter recipient responds to your letter by asking specific questions. Here are some examples:

1. How can we say these vaccines are safe if we don't have the long term data yet?

2. Why aren't people told this is experimental and that they are a part of the experiment?

3. Why aren't people told that these vaccines are not approved (only authorized for emergency use)?

4. Why are they not tracking every single patient and recording symptoms and side effects, long term, like every other experiment?

5. How can anyone say "mild myocarditis," when the tissues of the heart do not re-develop? What are the long term effects of this myocarditis?

6. Why are we cycling our PCR tests at greater than 35?

7. Why aren't doctors allowed to ask for informed consent?

8. Why are we not discussing the thousands of deaths associated with the vaccines?

9. If during autopsies the spike protein is being found in all major organs of the body, what are the effects of this?

10. If the lipid nanoparticles travel to tiny capillaries in the brain and enter the lining of the capillaries and then cause the cell to create spike proteins which stick out into the capillaries and result in clotting and thrombosis...why are we not concerned?

11. Why are these exceedingly high reports of Guillian Barre Syndrome, Bells Palsy, Shingles, Chicken Pox, Thrombosis and Myocarditis not being discussed openly in the media?

12. Why doesn't the media report on the hundreds of thousands of people at the almost monthly protest events around the world?

13. Why are we not required to sign an Informed Consent?

14. How can we say it is safe for pregnant women when we have not been using these vaccines on pregnant women for more than one pregnancy term?

15. Why are we assuming asymptomatic spread can occur when there is not a single verified case of asymptomatic spread yet?

16. If our government actually cares about the health of the population, why are they not discussing how to live healthy lifestyles (especially since obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are the leading co-morbidities associated with covid)?

17. Who stands to gain financially out of this?

18. What will we do with the next flu virus? Will we do this again?

19. Why are we not taking into account suicide, drug overdose, mental health and physical health effects of the population due to the lockdowns and generate true risk-benefit analyses?

20. Didn't they say that Thalidomide was safe? How about smoking?

21. Where is the data to prove that these variants are more dangerous than the original?

22. Why are we asking people who have already had covid to vaccinate?

23. Where is the scientific data to support mask wearing?

24. Why are we asking children to take an experimental drug when the seasonal flu is statistically more dangerous to them than Covid?

25. Why is facebook, twitter and youtube censoring these questions from their platforms and banning legitimate scientists and doctors?

26. Do you know how many people have died in each age group in Canada over these past two years?

27. Why are the fact-checkers (who are not doctors or scientists) trusted more than the doctors or scientists who are asking questions?

28. Why didn't we do this with the seasonal flu?

29. Why are we allowing society to create a world of Us and Them?

30. Why aren't our governments just open and honest...saying they don't know the answers? Why don't they have open forums for discussion amongst all scientists who have questions? Why is there no transparency?

31. Why is it all labeled as ANTI - when we are not anti anything! We are pro choice. PRO - Not ANTI. Freedom to make decisions based on your own family's needs or situations.

32. Why must there be such hate and fear? Why don't people turn off their television sets? Why don't people look at the actual numbers and understand how seasonality and viruses work?

33. Why can't we spread love and knowledge instead of hate and censorship?