Letter Template 2


As we approach the 2021 Fall term and what that might look like, I am writing to you as a concerned parent.

I think I speak on behalf of many parents in emphasizing the importance of resuming a NORMAL school year in September. This means NO masks, NO physical distancing, NO cohorts and especially NO vaccination segregation between vaccinated and un-vaccinated students.

“But we must return the kids to a ‘safe’ environment” you say. Ok, so what do you consider to be a ‘safe’ environment? Safe from Covid-19, which is not a serious threat to healthy children or adults? The statistics don't lie.

You may be shocked to hear that I am NOT afraid of my children contracting this virus.

I am MORE afraid of my children’s immune system being ‘sterilized’ to the point where it ceases to perform in the manner it was designed, thereby not being able to handle ANY kind of bug or virus or germ that they encounter.

I am MORE afraid of my children being forced to wear a mask all day where they can’t breathe and are subjected to unhealthy bacteria build-up.

I am MORE afraid of the psychological impact of my children not being able to interact normally with other kids and being kept from participating in the sports they love.

I am MORE afraid of my child being coerced and bribed to get vaccinated when there is absolutely no reason for it and there is no long-term information yet available on how kids will respond to it.

Children NEED to be exposed to germs and viruses so their bodies can develop antibodies and then build up a healthy immune system.

Constantly protecting our children through hyper sanitization (masks, hand sanitizer), no contact with peers, and injecting them with an un-needed, short-term tested vaccination that doesn’t guarantee they won’t still get the virus, is highly irresponsible! This is akin to ‘bubble wrapping’ our children, an approach that has proven to weaken kids mentally and physically.

We will not become stronger as a species by continually telling our children to be afraid of germs and viruses, especially when we know for certain that these are NOT life-threatening in most cases. Instead, we need to bolster their immune system by allowing them to interact with their peers naturally; hug, play, share toys and school equipment, roughhouse with their friends, play contact sports and just be kids!

Why do you and the rest of the Government continue to push the ‘fear’ narrative, when it is so out-dated and false!? Put your concern towards the most vulnerable and compromised, such as those in long-term care facilities or those with serious health concerns. Leave our children out of this. They and we DO NOT need the government, the school boards or the teacher’s unions to tell us how to manage our children’s health or what we need to be concerned about when it comes to their activities. We are quite capable of making these decisions since we know our children best.

Bring kids back in the Fall in the true sense of the word ‘NORMAL’. Give them back their lives, their activities, their friendships and their learning. There is NO need or justification for otherwise.